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16H - 16H20

Michel Polak: IFCAH 10 years CAH funding projects.

16H20 - 17H10

Anne Bachelot: CAH fertility and pregnancy.

Hedi Claahsen: CAH men fertility: current insights on TART in male.

17H10 - 18H00

Li Chan: Ways of Androgens decrease : ACTH inhibitors.

Richard Ross: Adrenal glucocorticoid replacement in CAH.

18H00 - 19H00

Stefan Bornstein, Leonardo Guasti and Andreas Schedl: New curative strategy for adrenal insufficiency: Gene and cell therapy.

Q&A session after each presentation.


Professor Michel Polak

pediatric endocrinology Hôpital Necker – Paris, France

Professor Hedi L. Claahsen

Head of the Department of Pediatric Endocrinology Radboud university, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Richard J.M. ROSS

Professor of endocrinology, Head of endocrinology and reproduction, Sheffield University –UK. Scientific Officer at Diurnal Group.

Li Chan

Associate Professor in Molecular Endocrinology Centre for Endocrinology William Harvey Research Institute-London- UK

Leonardo Guasti

Associate Professor in Endocrinology at Queen Mary University of London- UK

Andreas Schedl

Scientific Director- iBV - Université Cote d’Azur- Nice- France